Bucket Sieve Adapter

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Stop throwing away zooplankton during water changes!


-Fits most 5 gal buckets
-Never drop sieve again
-Supports stacking sieves
-Made in America
-3D printed with fish safe materials
-Made by hobbyists for hobbyists
-Stop throwing away zooplankton during water change

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Fits securely on the lip of most 5 gallon buckets and securely holds your sieves.


The Sieve Bucket Adapter is used with both the 53 Micron Sieve or 100 Micron Sieve.


This adapter is sold as a replacement or spare part for additional cultures.


The Bucket Adapter has been tested on various buckets from big box hardware stores and common salt mixes.


It securely fits on the lip of most 5 gallon buckets and securely holds your single or stacked sieves for easy and safe pouring.


This adapter was designed in-house by us, at Hackers’ Reef. It is 3D printed with time tested and fish safe materials that we trust in our own systems.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4.5 × 1 in


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