Squeeze Wash Bottle



-Easily rinse equipment without a mess
-Great for thoroughly rinsing food particles and pods from filter screens, especially the corners!
-Available in 250ml or 500ml capacity
-Waste less RO and saltwater while cleaning
-Saves time and prevents contamination when used to store fresh saltwater between maintenance

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This laboratory style squeeze wash bottles is useful for quickly cleaning things with RO water or saltwater. With a squeeze of the bottle you can easily rinse rotifers or copepods that are stuck in your nets or sieves. The small nozzle allows you to rinse reach hard to reach areas, like corners.


Test kit vials and other equipment should be rinsed with RO water to avoid mineral build up or damage from soaking in chlorine from your tap water. Sloshing around cups of water to rinse equipment has always been wasteful and messy process. A wash bottle can eliminate that waste and mess by dispensing water exactly where you need with just the right pressure and volume to get the job done.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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