Our Philosophy

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to save time, money or sanity, we can help!

Hacker Spirit

Using skills or tools as they were never intended and taking the less traveled path. These journeys may light the way of future saltwater aquarium hobbyists for years to come.

Time Tested

With 15+ years of knowledge and experience in the reef keeping, hobby we may have not seen it all, but we have learned a lot.


Hacker’s Reef is all about low impact and sustainability in our hobby. We strongly support aquaculture and other techniques that reduce the extraction of resources from the ocean.


Sharing knowledge with the community is our main goal, but we still spend each day trying to learn more than we knew the day before.

Leading The Way

Many topics in our hobby are confusing with a wide range of conflicting opinions.  We stride to cut through the clutter and help you quickly find solutions.

Creative Solutions

We use a wide range of unconventional techniques and materials for solving reefing problems. From custom electronics to home automation integration and more.

Our Vision

Many giants in the reefing community have already volunteered their time and resources to provide a vast repository information for anyone with a reef tank. This website, YouTube channel and the social media offerings of Hacker’s Reef is our humble attempt to add to that great and honored tradition. It’s understood that we may rehash some topics that others have explored, but maybe we can add an alternative angle or expand on an often neglected topic to give it a fresh spin. Hackers’ Reef will not focus or compete on DIY projects, busting reef keeping myths, or product reviews. All of those elements will still make an appearance from time to time in many different forms, but expect them to include our unique twist. The goal is to cut through all the noise and speculation to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls while improving your overall reef keeping experience.

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