Vibrant Reef Aquarium (16 oz)
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Hanna Phosphate Low Range Checker
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Red Sea Marine Test Kit Nitrate/Nitrite, 50/50 tests
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Red Sea Reef Foundation Test Kit – (Calcium, Alkalinity & Magnesium)
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Jebao OW-50 Wave Maker Flow Pump with Controller
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Jecod/Jebao DCT-15000 Marine Controllable Water Pump
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ARKNOAH 165W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Light
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VIPARSPECTRA 165W Aquarium Light with Timer Control
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Salt Mix
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In part 1 of our reef tank rehab series you meet all the whacky fish, see the out of control green hair algae and learn about the plan to get this tank to show room quality. This series is for anyone with a reef tank suffering from green hair algae, turf algae or any other nuisance algae like red slime. You might learn some new tricks to finally beat back all that ugly green hair algae that snuffs out your coral and coralline algae alike. You will enjoy this series even if your tank is spotless and you’re just a fan of comeback stories. We hope you join us on this journey and be sure to leave a comment below about the battle to keep your tank looking great.


This 120 gallon aquarium has a lot of history. It has been running in one form or another since 2012 and has been moved 3 times. It’s been loaded with coral and it has seen a lot of livestock come and go. Bio-pellets, GFO, carbon dosing, a turf algae scrubber and more have all made up parts of the filtration system over the years. Red slime algae, green hair algae and almost any other pest algae that can be named has also made an appearance at one point or another. The fight that we are currently facing is slightly elevated phosphates that has caused the green hair algae to explode. This will be a great opportunity to test out Vibrant Reef Aquarium Cleaner by Underwater Creations and see if it really is the magic bullet that some people claim it is. Will it save the day???


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