Zoa Pox Medication ( FURAN-2 ) Link:  https://amzn.to/2EFTXNT

After watching this information packed video, you will find out how to correctly identify this deadly threat to your Zoanthids. Without the proper treatment your prized Zoas will begin to show signs of irritation, such as not fully opening while your lights are on. The infected Zoa colony will slowly (sometimes quickly!) waste away as the heads and stalks are overtaken by the telltale white bumps of Zoa Pox. Left untreated, this sickness is almost always a death sentence for your coral. In some rare cases it may heal on its own, however, it is much more likely to spread through your other Zoa colonies ravaging your tank.


I’ll also be teaching you my tried and true treatment method for healing Zoa Pox on an infected Zoanthid coral colony, as well as limiting the damage to any other Zoanthids that is in your system. This treatment process has been refined from years of researching forums, videos and treating Zoa Pox in my own systems. Nothing is guaranteed, but this method will give your coral the best fighting chance to heal up and go back to being colorful and healthy again. l videos, right?

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