Reef Keeping Spotlight: Frag Packs from WhatYouSea

I spent some time talking to Daniel over at WhatYouSea and was impressed with his shop.  They specialize in 9pc mystery boxes full of LPS frags and offer some great deals on sweet looking coral.  The coral offerings from WhatYouSea more than passed muster after reviews by well-known YouTubers like Billy Pipes. One of the most interesting things about WhatYouSea has to be the shipping method.  Daniel is taking a swing at the norms of only using UPS or FedEX.  His company is able to successfully ship with USPS overnight thanks to some sleek packing tricks and pass the savings onto customers. Some purists may think he is nuts for using USPS, but customers are happy and they stand 100% behind their products. Customers are always covered with a with a great DOA policy for peace of mind. Click here to give the shop a look and contact Daniel with any questions about his coral. He is friendly and quick to reply back to questions.  Leave a comment below with your thoughts on WhatYouSea.
Phil Beauregard

Phil Beauregard

A man with a beard, that you can trust! Phil Beauregard is a business consultant and entrepreneur that has been addicted to fish keeping since childhood. He grew up with stories of his grandfather’s exploits during the early days of reef aquariums and African Cichlid breeding. Phil brings a flair for high tech DIY projects and his love of teaching others to the reefing community.

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