Vibrant Reef Cleaner : Magic Bullet or Menace?

Vibrant Reef Cleaner Magic Bullet or Menace

We are jumping on the Vibrant Reef Cleaner bandwagon to see what all the talk is about.  There have been 100’s of pages posted in forums, hordes of YouTube videos and the debate still rages on.


Anyone looking into the magical properties of Vibrant Reef Cleaner has seen people singing praises from roof tops, while others are blaming it for everything, from worse algae outbreaks to fish and coral death.  What’s the truth? How do we get to the bottom of this?

Green Hair Algae Save the 120 Part 1
Does this qualify as a "dirty" tank?
Meet the 120 gallon reef tank and algae paradise that will be the subject of our newest series.  This will be the latest proving ground to see what Vibrant can do. We will follow the instructions and give it the best chance of success.  This is not sponsored by the makers of Vibrant Reef Cleaner and more products will be put to the test if Vibrant does not make the cut. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel over here, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to keep up on all the updates.

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Phil Beauregard

Phil Beauregard

A man with a beard, that you can trust! Phil Beauregard is a business consultant and entrepreneur that has been addicted to fish keeping since childhood. He grew up with stories of his grandfather’s exploits during the early days of reef aquariums and African Cichlid breeding. Phil brings a flair for high tech DIY projects and his love of teaching others to the reefing community.

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